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Warranty Coverage
General Terms
Nexeya (formally CableTest Systems Inc) warrants that all Nexeya products are free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 1 year. In the event that a defect under warranty is claimed, it is at Nexeya’s sole discretion to determine if the item is repairable or unrepairable and whether a repair is executed or the product is replaced with a new or refurbished (with a warranty that runs to the expiration date of the original unit). Warranty activities cover material and Nexeya Factory labour associated with replacement costs. No other labour costs are covered by this warranty.
1. Any and all product returns to Nexeya must be accompanied by a Return Material Authorization and its associated paperwork (including a completed Issue Report. Failure to complete the Issue Report may prevent the Technical Staff from determining the cause of the issue and may result in the delay or denial of credit or warranty coverage).
2. Return Material Authorizations are valid for 45 days from the date of issuance.
3. All returned product must be shipped to Nexeya with proper packaging so as to ensure safe and secure transportation. Nexeya shall not be liable for any lost or damaged returns.
4. Each return shall have the associated RMA number printed on each individual package and each package shall include copies of the associated RMA paperwork.
5. Returns must be shipped (prepaid by sender) to the address indicated on the RMA paperwork. Nexeya will return repaired product via regular ground service.

6. Any products returned that are found to be neglected, abused or otherwise tampered with will not be considered for repair or return. Any product that is returned defective that is not found to be defective will be retested, certified and returned at a cost. Retest and certification costs will be communicated and approved by the customer prior to undergoing the retest process.
7. As per our General Sales Terms and Conditions, Nexeya’s warranty covers manufacturing defects only and does not cover any damages due to installation, environmental or natural causes. Incidental or consequential damages are not covered by Nexeya’s warranty.


Return for Repair
1. In addition to the General Terms above items being returned for repair are subject to the following terms and conditions.
2. Products returned for repair may or may not be covered under warranty.
3. For warranty consideration, the original invoice number or proof of purchase must be provided to validate warranty coverage. Unless extended warranty coverage was purchased Nexeya’s standard warranty is for 12 months from the date of shipment. Note: for warranty coverage to apply the system and all components must have the parent / child serial numbers as issued by the factory. If boards have been replaced a copy of the units maintenance records must be provided.

4. Repaired items have a 60 day limited warranty from the date of repair, or to the Warranty Expiry of the associated system. Items being returned under warranty are subject to inspection. The item or items may be repaired or replaced at Nexeya’s sole discretion. Third Party Distributed products carry the warranty of the original OEM, Nexeya will process the warranty on the customer’s behalf but cannot ensure warranty coverage or recovery.
4. Warranty for Nexeya products is automatically engaged when the unit ships from the Nexeya Factory however, for Replacement Boards the warranty must be activated by contacting Customer Support. Customer Support will activate the warranty and match the Replacement Board to the Main Unit.
5. Nexeya’s warranty is voided where there is any indication that items have been damaged, tampered with or applied in a manner that is inconsistent with their intended use as outlined by Nexeya and/or is in line with good operating practices. The warranty is also void if warranty, date code or serial number labels have been removed.
6. Products returned to Nexeya which are subject to expired warranties or voided warranties will be charged applicable repair costs. Customers will be contacted to authorize any non-warranty repairs.
7. Nexeya, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to deem an item unrepairable.