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Backplane Testing
Cable & Harness Manufacturing
Component Testing
Power Distribution Cabinets
Relay Boxes
Slip Ring Testing
Transorb Testing
Production & Assembly
Cable & Harness into Vehicle Assembly
Vehicle Assembly & Production Testing
Automotive Assembly, Production & FAL
Aviation Assembly, Production & FAL
Industrial Machinery Wiring Systems
Missiles & Torpedoes
MRO (Repair & Overhaul)
Transorb Testing
Trains, Trams, Buses, LRT
Ships & Naval Vessels
Slip Ring Testing
Service & MRO
Intermittent Fault Detection & Localization
Transorb & Suppression Testing
electrical harness testing for aviation
automated test solutions for military vehicles
electrical component testing
cable testing for space and satellites
automated testers for rail
testing for automotive and electric vehicles
cable and harness testing in manufacturing

Regardless of the industry or market Nexeya Canada has an application to deliver industry leading,
cost effective results. 

Key features of Nexeya Canada solutions include:

TEST REENGAGE: Enables tests to be paused after a failure and reengaged after debugging, eliminating the need to repeat already verified test sequences and saving overall test times.  

MASS HI-POT ALGORITHM: Provides complete test coverage in a fraction of the time required by conventional linear test methods.

TOUCH TRACE: Simplifies fault finding diagnostics in large complex wire harnesses.

CONNECT ANYWHERE: Facilitates ease of multiple adapter cable connection

FLOATING GROUND FEATURE: Allows full validation of any grounded product

AUTOMATION PRO: Allows easy creation of custom user interfaces.

Email for more information or a local representative.

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