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Nexeya Canada designs, manufactures and supports embedded and stand-alone products for a variety of capital intense and mission critical environments.  We are a global provider of engineered solutions, products and services, supporting a variety of industries across the globe with a focus on space, aviation, transportation and high-tech manufacturing.

Model, Software & Hardware in the Loop Development Solutions

Designed for system, platform and vehicle OEMs including aircraft, train / rail, marine / ship, land vehicle and other complex system and asset manufacturers, SYSTEAM allows for the design, validation and real-time simulation of complex systems and equipment.

Mission Management Solutions

To meet the needs of observation, surveillance and intelligence missions, Nexeya has designed and manufactured an aeronautical solution known as ARGOSIA and a naval offering known as LYNCEA.

Power Products

Nexeya designs and manufactures a variety of power products for various industries; from power supplies to fower factor correctors, converters to inverters.  

COTS, MOTS and fully customized solutions are available.

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