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Backplane Testing

The MPT-DMUX distibuted backplane tester uses computer controlled, state-of-the-art modular switching architecture to evaluate and test backplanes for telecommunications, military and avionics applications.

With distributed switching mounted on custom designed paddle cards, the MPT Backplane Tester can test units exceeding 30,000 test points.

Each distributed switching card contains from 256 points of solid state switching. Any number of switching cards can "snap" into a custom designed paddle card. This switching system allows low voltage testing of backplanes where interfacing with traditional radial interface cables is either impossible or very cumbersome. The real strength of the system is very high density connections with low power testing.

The MPT-DMUX solution offers reliable, fast set up times, reduces test cycle time and eliminates the constant trouble shooting required with competitive 'wired' systems.

​Key Features Include:

  • Paddle card and loading station design to reduce load/unload time.

  • Algorithms to quickly identify open/short within high density of test points (>30,000).

  • Extremely fast test speeds of up to 3000 continuity scans per second.

  • Mixed high and low voltage energization for selective HiPot and low voltage testing of power and ground circuits in backplanes.

  • Custom designed paddle cards adapt the MPT to the backplane under test.

Backplane Electrical Interconnect Test Product Offering

EZX, CTX, MPT (multi point cable, harness tester),

WIDD (intermittent default detection),



Backplane Testing for:







Large Number of Points

Set Up & Test Cycle Times

Achieving Maximum Test Coverage

Excessive Post Set Up Troubleshooting


Nexeya Canada's MPT-BP

DSMUX256 modules mounted on custom for application paddel cards

Quick Set Up Package with Functional Testing Features


1. High density low voltage test points in a small package
2. Easy paddle card design by NXC or Customer
3. Daisy chain paddle cards, single cable back to tester
4. Eliminate massive, error prone ribbon cable adaptation
5. NXC exclusive designed fixtures for quick easy insertion and removal of paddle cards from Card Cage or Captured Backplane
6. Easy User Programmer Interface

For more information please contact us at:

1-800-495-1998  US&Canada

+1-905-475-2607  International

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