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Downtime, due to electrical defects, whether a full fault or an intermittent issue, in production or in the field, results in safety concerns, unscheduled maintenance, decreased asset availability and lost revenue.


The Challenge: Detecting and locating intermitent wiring faults on a vehicle quickly and effectvely, reducing downtime, minimizing labour and returning the asset to service as quickly as possible.

The Solution: Nexeya's WiDD Series of testers.

The Approach: The WiDD Series provides an easy to use single-ended test that utlizes advanced reflectometry technology to detect and locate faults, including intermitent, with an accuracy of 1% per 100m.

Key features include:

• Portable or rack-mounted equipment

• Detecton and locaton of permanent and elusive cabling defects

• Support of all kinds of cables and harnesses

• Characterizaton and control of hundreds of points per second

• Reducton of breakdown search tmes

• Monitoring and detecton of latent faults for preventve actons

• Possibility of daisy chaining instruments for large harnesses

• Various versions and optons to meet customers’ needs

Highlighted in Airbus Technical Bulletin #58 for Airbus 320, 330, 340 with new model added on a regular basis (see pg 31).

In additon to detectng and locatng defects, WiDD allows the user to characterize a harness and log changes over its life. WiDD is the only product in the market that enables life cycle material management of harnesses.

For more information please contact us at:

1-800-495-1998  US&Canada

+1-905-475-2607  International

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