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A common challenge in today's complete utility market (generation, transmission and distribution) is the large amount of data transfer and complex protection and control algorithms.


Being able to simulate, verify and validate scenarios within the complex infrastructure of today's utilities is a must and Nexeya has the solution.


From model to software to hardware in the loop, Nexeya's SYSTEAM product offering provides a cost effective, flexible and modular solution to simulate, verify and validate models, algorithms and protection & control protocols.


Product Offering:

EZX, CTX, MPT (multi point cable, harness tester)

WIDD (intermittent default detection),

SySTEAM (simulation, verification, validation solution),

LISA (wireless data acquisition),

SACHA (data acquisition computer),

COVERGY POWER (power related products), 

MAGALI (telemetry systems).




For more information please contact us at:

1-800-495-1998  US&Canada

+1-905-475-2607  International

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