Hybrid & Full Electric Vehicle Applications

Production Test Solution

H/EVS Hybrid & Full Electric Vehicle Test Solution


Nexeya Canada has taken our experience and success with conventional vehicle electrical interconnect test solutions and applied the same reliability, functionality and feature sets to our hybrid and fully electric vehicle test solutions.

Our H/EVS product line enables manufacturers to:

  • validate the cable quality prior to assembly

  • verify proper installation free of introducing any defects

  • functional test of the harness with voltage applied

  • test for continuity, insulation and di-electric strength


The H/EVS solution is available with the appropriate connectors specific to the customers production needs and vehicle characteristics. 

In Service Test Solution

Detect and Locate
Permanent & Intermittent Defects
ensuring safe performance of both Hybrid and Fully Electric Vehicles.

WIDD Hybrid & Full Electric Vehicle Test Solution
Not unlike conventional vehicles, as the miles accumulate on electric vehicles normal wear & tear begins to exhibit itself on a vehicle and it's systems.

Nexeya Canada's WIDD, initially designed to identify and locate electrical defects on the electrical wiring systems of aircraft to reduce maintenance downtime is now available to the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle production cells and aftermarket.

The WIDD unit will detect and locate:

Open circuits
Grounding issues
Connector issues
Improper connections
Insulation problem
Radius of curvature / routing concerns
Harness movement, etc.

With this capability technicians can quickly trouble shoot and repair any harness defects or potential defects thus ensuring many more miles of safe performance.

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