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Defense Systems

The harsh & extreme environments of military operations require reliability & performance.  The Nexeya Canada product lines are designed, manufactured and serviced to deliver the performance and uptime demanded by the equipment and personnel depending on them.


From test and data acquisition equipment, fault finding & issue resolution tools, displays & rugged PCs to mission management systems and search and rescue platforms  Nexeya Canada provides  embedded  products,  integrated systems and test solutions that help complete their mission and meet their objectives.


Military Members

military test equipment

     Nexeya Canada recognizes and appreciates the incredible value that former NCOs and Officers can bring to any organization.  The military training and experience our serving members acquire are truly unique, especially in the areas of know-how, leadership and teamwork. 

     At Nexeya Canada we strive to have more ex-military members join our team.  Whether you have left years ago or are currently transitioning you will surely find common ground with our ex-military and civilian staff alike.


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Military and Defense Products include:

EZX, CTX, MPT (multi point cable, harness tester),

WIDD (intermittent default detection),

SySTEAM (simulation, verification, validation solution),

LISA (wireless data acquisiton),


ASTRE (composite coating test equipment)

SACHA (data acquisition computer)



COVERGY POWER (power related products) 

MAGALI (telemetry systems)

ARGOSIA (airborne mission management solution)

LYNCEA (naval mission management solution)

LIVEFIRE (land mission management solution)

MASK (naval vessel signature management)

For more information please contact us at:

1-800-495-1998  US&Canada

+1-905-475-2607  International

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