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Bulk Wire Analyzers


Bulk Wire Analyzers use a proprietary high voltage switching architecture to evaluate and test reels of bundled twisted-pair cable up to 30,000 feet in length for conductor resistance, insulation resistance, conductor to conductor dielectric strength up to 10 kVDC and core to sheath dielectric strength up to 15 kVDC.  AC High Voltage testing available up to 6000VAC for 30,000 foot cables!

  • Cable spool testing.

    • High power sources to test 30K feet long cables.

    • Customized fan-out fixtures.

Key features include:

• Mass HiPot Algorithm

• High Voltage Discharge

• Tare & Temperature Compensation

• EPO and Safety Interlocks

• Easy to use menu driven software

Bulk Wire Test Product Offering

EZX, CTX, MPT (multi point cable, harness tester),

WIDD (intermittent default detection),



Bulk Wire


Excessive power required to adequately test large gauge, long wire spools


Nexeya Canada's MPT-BWA with Standard or Application Specific Modified Power Sources


1. DWV up to 6000VAC, 12kVA
2. IR up to 15,000VDC up to 200GOhms
3. High Voltage Fan-out fixtures
4. Distance to fault diagnostics
5. Dedicated User Interface


For more information please contact us at:

1-800-495-1998  US&Canada

+1-905-475-2607  International

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