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Cable & Harness Manufacturing

Production testing of insulated wiring, components and connectors can reduce waste and re-work time, optimize the manufacturing process and most importantly, ensure enduser safety.  It is important to understand what levels of testing, product performance and end-user safety are required. The manufacturer must be able to know with certainty that the product will be functional, meet customer’s objectives and comply with the relevant safety requirements.  These factors must be considered collectively to determine the level of testing that is necessary, whether that method is simply a quick visual inspection or a 100% test regimen including functional, low and insulated wiring, high voltage tests.

The EZX is an excellent benchtop tester for low voltage and high voltage applications up to 1024 test points.  Click for more...

Need more test points?  Higher AC and DC voltages?  Energization for functional testing?  The CTX Series brings you benchtop modularity with a wide selection of options to meet your testing needs.  

Click for more...

Want to build your own configuration?  The MPT Series selection of rack mount instruments are ready to stack inside our 19" rack enclosures.  Need to test long cabling installed in rail cars or aircraft?  Click for more... 

For more information please contact us at:

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+1-905-475-2607  International

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