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Multipoint Cable & Wire Harness Analyzer


Key features include:

* Measurement and energization from all available test points

* PC controlled via TCP/IP

* multi-user wireless operator interface capable

* High speed testing with Mass Hipot and Mass Isolation

* High speed intelligent low voltage fault findings

* Hold on fail—real time failure analysis

* Connect Anywhere setup automation tools

* Supertrace nets for complete colour-coded connectivity map

* 32 slot limit (16 in the main unit / 16 in one expansion box)

* 3072 low voltage, 2048 mid voltage, 1024 high voltage points

Based on the robust and reliable MPT platform, the CTX series of multipoint analyzers are Hensoldt Canada’s response to customers seeking an economical yet powerful solution for their cable and wire harness test requirements.


Offered in two base models, the CTX-1510 and the CTX-2518, the CTX provides the measurement, high voltage and energization capabilities required in production assembly lines to validate complex cable and wire harnesses.

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Models offered:

CT X1510 HV 1 

Base System, 1500 VDC


CT X1510 HV 2 

Base System, 1500 VDC / 1000 VAC


CT X2518 HV 1 

Base System, 2500 VDC 


CT X2518 HV 2 

Base System, 2500 VDC /1800 VAC

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