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 MPT Series Emulator

  • StudioE is the hardware emulator for Nexeya's MPT 2 & CTX electrical interconnect test equipment family of products. 

  • StudioE enables engineers, technicians and operators to develop, validate and verify test programs without the need to connect to actual test hardware.

  • Test Programs are deployed to the actual test hardware only when ready for production thus minimizing production interruptions and downtime.

  • Begin able to develop, validate and debug Test Programs outside the Test Equipment Environment saves time and money.

  • Stand alone, does not require actual MPT 2 & CTX hardware for test development and validation.

  • Inexpensive.

  • Simple to use – plug n play.

  • Keeps MPT 2 & CTX hardware working on test & production generating product and revenue while engineers, technicians and operators can work on test programs independent of the production environment.

  • Enables multiple engineers, technicians and operators to work simultaneously on test development and validation without the need for expensive interconnect hardware.

  • Syntax Checks

    • Allows compiler to check for syntax errors and notifies the user with a description of the fault

  • Load & Run Test Programs

    • Allows the user to load compiled or non-compile test programs to:

      • Validate test parameters

      • Review test script sequences and test branching

      • Review user inputs: messages, prompts, menus

      • Develop and review custom reporting

  • Look & Feel Check

    • Ensure the test program looks and feels as the programmer intended


  • StudioE utilizes the same MPT Studio environment (editor, operator and programmer HMI) as the actual Test Equipment

  • Connection via Ethernet Cable

  • Powered by USB

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