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Discovery Platform End of Life

Nexeya has a long history of developing, commissioning and supporting critical test and measurement systems across a variety of industries.

Research, market demands and application knowledge enable Nexeya to drive technology changes and the introduction of new features and functions. Nexeya, not unlike other organizations, deploys technology changes via incremental revisions for minor updates, with new versions reserved for significant milestones.

The previous Measurement Command & Control Software Package, Discovery, was originally launched in 2004 and provided industry leading features for the era. Though the Discovery software platform remains very robust the associated hardware has reached, and in many cases gone beyond, an economical end of life.

Nexeya planned for the Discovery end of life beginning in 2013 and in 2015 launched the next generation operating platform; Studio. Though both the Studio and Discovery platforms have been maintained for the last four years any Discovery Platform development has now been suspended.

We fully understand the challenges that End of Life decisions cause and it is because we understand the challenges that Discovery and Studio development ran concurrently for the last 5 years. Nexeya also understands that in some cases customers were not able to engage in the transition due to program related issues, we will be contacting customers to review their individual systems and configurations and determine the most appropriate course of action.

It is important to note that Discovery based platforms will experience, due to diminishing manufacturing sources and increasing obsolescence, higher EOL repair and software product maintenance costs without the guarantee or warranty that failures can be corrected or that the functionality of the product can be maintained and warranted. For any hardware repair issues for obsolete hardware Nexeya will use current inventory, materials that are readily available at that point in time and reconditioned or remanufactured parts will also be offered, if available. Alternative sources beyond current stock / reconditioning of existing stock are no longer viable.

Nexeya continues to offer no charge support for active platforms and any current maintenance contracts for Discovery based systems will be fully honored and supported until the end of the contract term. That said, any future support, depending on the nature of the inquiry, may require a Time and Material or Support Agreement.

Though we are at the end of the Discovery transition period it is important to Nexeya that any remaining conversions have the least disruptive impact to you and your organization’s mission. To that end we will be contacting any legacy system owners to better understand their future needs.

Nexeya continues to provide new technologies, solutions and systems that best support your Test and Measurement needs and look forward to the continued development of the Studio Command & Control Platform to achieve these objectives.

As always, please contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

With Kind Regards,


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