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Electronic Componenet shortage will continue into the early months of 2020

In 2018 every week there was a new article focusing on the electronic component shortage;

Electronic Component Shortages Will Worsen Through Q4

Electronic Component Shortages: ‘No End in Sight’

Electronic Component Lead-Times Continue to Rise

2019 continues with this trend:

When is the electronics components shortage expected to end?

Nexeya has been ordering components, expediting raw material orders, provisioning at elevated rates and engaging our supply base on a weekly basis.

Though every effort is being undertaken to mitigate the risk of delays due to supply chain shortages overall system delays may occur. Nexeya Canada is doing our utmost to reduce and eliminate delays and, if unavoidable, is contacting customers at the earliest possible time.

If you have any questions concerning part shortages please contact your sales representative or email

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