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2021 Supply Chain Update


December 22, 2021

2021 has witnessed unprecedented supply chain challenges. The vast majority of these challenges have been addressed through the use of current inventory, purchasing additional volumes (to curtail future increases) and, in some cases, selecting alternative components. Though these efforts absorb the short term impact of upward price pressures, the challenges are mounting and becoming more widespread. Recently Nexeya, A Hensoldt Company, has received several notices indicating immediate price increases for a variety of components.

At this time Nexeya will not be implementing a general price increase across our product lines however, in cases where component price increases have a significant impact and cannot be absorbed, those increases will be passed on.

The largest impact to the component price increases is apparent in individual replacement parts. To better manage the impact of these increases Nexeya recommends reviewing a spare part program. These programs have a variety of operational and financial benefits, the least of which is future proofing against any component price increases which may continue through 2022.

As always, we are here to support our customers and address any concerns.

For additional information please contact

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