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This product generates high potential as a test stimulus when programmed to do so.

  • To avoid the risk of shock do not attempt to service the supply beyond the described steps in the User’s Manual.

  • To avoid the risk of shock or personal injury, do not remove the product covers while the unit is operating or connected the AC mains.

  • Use only a power cord rated greater than the input current rating of the external power supplies. Use only a cord in good condition.

  • If liquid is spilled on the unit, shut it off immediately and disconnect it from the AC mains.

  • Ensure the unit is properly grounded using a reliably grounded AC mains input at the external power supplies.

  • Do not touch any exposed wiring on your product under test (PUT) while the High Voltage lamp is illuminated.

  • For additional safety it is recommended to use an approved EPO (Emergency Power Off) switch during High Voltage testing.

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