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CableTest MUX Series replaced by Nexeya SC Series

After careful consideration, Nexeya has decided to discontinue the manufacture and sale of the CableTest MUX Series Cards and replace them with the Nexeya SC series. This change is in keeping with our practice of rationalizing products in order to support new designs and current components, utilize modern technologies and offer enhanced product features and functionalities. Nexeya will be offering SC one to one replacements for all MUX cards that are currently in production and in service.

The new nomenclature for the SC series is;

SC – AC voltage rating / DC voltage rating – number of test points.

As an example: The CableTest MUX120HB series, including MUX120HBE will be replaced by the Nexeya SC series; SC-10/20-120 or SC-15/20-120, depending on performance specifications – 10/20 for 1000 volts AC & 2000 volts DC or 15/20 for 1500 volts AC & 2000 volts DC. For product selection guidance please contact customer service at or your local Nexeya Representative.

This change not only allows Nexeya to provide equal or superior performance, it simplifies both switch card specification and identification as well as the configuration control and asset management functions employed by many of Nexeya’s customers.

This step is another example of the application of our continuous improvement methodologies to the CableTest product lines that has been in effect since 2015 when Nexeya purchased CableTest Systems Limited.

Nexeya’s warranty policy will apply for boards that meet our current warranty requirements. Repair services will be offered for out of warranty boards.

We appreciate and value your partnership. We regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause and we will do our utmost to limit any potential concerns. We are pleased to announce that the new releases will provide equal or better performance to the discontinuing products.

For more information please contact

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