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Discovery Platform End of Life (Final Phase)

Nexeya is extremely proud of our ability to develop, commission and support critical test systems over a long and productive period; the MPT Discovery platform is no exception. Launched in 2004 the platform is used in a variety of applications, testing everything from submarines to satellites.

After a variety of updates and upgrades Discovery development was concluded in 2013 and Nexeya provided a 2 year window for the introduction of its replacement; Studio. Nexeya continued to support Discovery and Discovery applications after the 2015 end of life date however in January 2019 was compelled to issue a notice referencing ongoing support. With many hardware items and third party instruments not only obsolete, but extremely difficult and expensive to procure, it has become a challenge to support the Discovery platform in a cost effective manner. Nexeya will maintain pricing as per our price list as long as inventory is available. If inventory is not available pricing will be adjusted to reflect market prices at the time of the request. To conduct a spare parts and maintenance review in order to determine a spares package to support Discovery systems going forward please contact for a review.

Nexeya continues to offer no charge support for systems under warranty and any current maintenance contracts (this includes Discovery based systems on a maintenance contract) however obsolete system may require a Time and Material or Support Agreement. In addition, Nexeya is able to offer platform transition plans that enable your organization to move from Discovery to Studio in the least disruptive and cost effective manner.

Nexeya continues to provide new technologies, solutions and systems that best support your Test and Measurement needs and looks forward to the continued development of the Studio Command & Control Platform to achieve these objectives.

As always, please contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

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